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Unlock Your Startup's Potential with Revelo Consulting

In today's competitive market, every startup needs a strong financial foundation. That's where Revelo Consulting comes in.

Alexandr Revelo, CPA, CA

Founder & CEO, Revelo Consulting

We provide dynamic financial solutions that empower your startup to grow sustainably and successfully. By leveraging advanced technology, financial expertise, and a unique strategy-driven approach, we offer unparalleled services that are custom-tailored to your startup's needs.

Our Bookkeeping and Accounting Packages

Choose the package that best fits your startup's financial goals:


  • Starting at $750/month

  • Dedicated Manager

  • Accrual Basis Bookkeeping

  • Perfect for Seed Stage Companies

Ready to Scale

  • Starting at $950/month

  • Advanced Revenue Recognition

  • Robust Cashflow Management

  • Cross Border Payroll Expertise


  • Custom Pricing

  • Tailored Solutions for Complex Revenue

  • Periodic Strategy Meetings

  • Detailed Financial Tracking

Not Sure What You Need?

Every startup's journey is different. If you're uncertain about which package best suits your current needs, let our team of experts guide you. Schedule a free consultation today!


"Revelo transformed our financial strategy, propelling our growth!" — Jane Doe, Startup CEO
"The clarity and efficiency Revelo brings to financial planning is unparalleled." — John Smith, Tech Founder

Ready to elevate your startup's financial health? Contact us to learn how Revelo Consulting can make it happen.

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